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The Current Situation

Almost 5 years ago we were inspired by the personal stories of James Wani and Denis Lugor, and their dream to build a school in their village of Sindiru, S.Sudan. When S. Sudan became independent in 2012, there was great hope that the youngest nation in the world could become a nation of peace, and that the education of its children would be a real possibility. Nuhra Life Enrichment Centre began its support of Ausudan Inc and has been helping to raise funds ever since. In 2015 James Wani went back to his village with some of the money raised. He was able to purchase a grinding machine for the women and put two bores down for the collection of water. (for details go to

Unfortunately, the political situation has not stabilised and the condition of the ordinary people has become worse. Earlier this year the top UN peacekeeper in the country, David Shearer from New Zealand commented that S. Sudan’s civil war has mutated from a two way fight between the president and his ousted former deputy Riek Machar, to a fragmented conflict. He said: “ We are seeing a lot more of the conflict being played out at a very local level and that is worrying because as it fractures it becomes more difficult to put the pieces back together again.” In such an environment, S. Sudan has become anchored at the bottom of the world league on education.

However, we are not disheartened! Instead of putting our energies into supporting the building of a school at present – a new direction is emerging – to educate a small group of young people selected from Sindiru and surrounding villages, to become teachers and nurses. This is being done under the umbrella of an organisation called Solidarity for South Sudan. This organisation have a teacher training college in Yambio – which currently has 124 students from many different tribes and areas, and a health training institute in Wau – which has 113 students studying various health professions including nursing and midwifery. These Institutes are living proof that ethnic tensions between different tribal groups can be overcome in spite of dangers and difficulties. Already one Sindiru student has begun his training in Yambio and we are hopeful that another will start in August. A third student is waiting to start her nursing training in 2018.

James Wani and Denis Lugor of Ausdan Inc know from personal experience about the longing of people for education and they are passionate about helping their people. They tell us at Nuhra that there are many intelligent and motivated children in the villages who lack all opportunity of schooling and they believes that education for the next generation of their people is the only hope against exploitation, and an endless cycle of poverty and extreme hardship. If it is too soon to build a school we can still make a difference by providing well trained teachers to teach under the trees, and well trained nurses to assist with the health needs of the people. Please, will you help us in partnership with Ausudan and James Wani to train the young people in teaching and nursing?

South Sudan Students Students of South Sudan


Please, will you help us in partnership with Ausudan and
James Wani to train the young people in teaching and nursing?

You may also like to become a sacred activist and run a fundraiser yourself or join in one of ours.
Just email your address to us at and we will
keep you posted of fundraisers.

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