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The Nuhra CommunityThe Nuhra Community evolved out of a previous community which had brought new psychological awareness and insight into the everyday lives of many people. The present Community which came into being in 1999, recognised that this work of self knowledge was often the catalyst for an inner awakening to a deeper level of the self - an awakening to the life of the soul and the spirit.

This understanding informs much of their work which aims to nurture and integrate all aspects of the human person, body, mind, soul and spirit.

The foundation and inspiration for their life comes from the Gospel value "to love your God with your whole heart and your neighbour as yourself."

Membership of the Nuhra Community
The Community is open to all adult men and women who accept the vision and objects of the Constitution and its values. There are three tiers of membership:

Friends and Associates:
People in this group volunteer services to the Community because they wish to make a contribution to the work of the group. There is no expectation that Friends and Associates will attend the spiritual programmes of the Community, but there is a mutual recognition that in the sharing of gifts and time the goodness in life is nourished and grows.

Generally wish to share more fully in the life of the Community. They volunteer their services more regularly and participate more fully in the spiritual life of the Community. They renew their commitment annually.

Core Members:
Make a life commitment to the Community to live out a Gospel way of life. In this they have a mutual responsibility toward each other - to share their spiritual life, their knowledge their earnings and their gifts, not only for the benefit of the Nuhra Community but to enrich the life of the broader community.
Prospective members would be expected to live at least 2 years with other Nuhra community members before any final decision about a permanent commitment could be made.
The Spiritual Programmes
The spiritual programmes offered under Nuhra Community Inc are open to all people who are searching spiritually. Retreats, meditation days and book groups are advertised under current events. Personal retreats can be arranged according to individual needs by contacting our retreat centre at Barragup. Barbara: 9535 6713 or Jo 0405 370 554.

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