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Nuhra Life Enrichment Centre
Nuhra Life Enrichment Centre Inc is a non-profit organisation working within a framework of Christian values and ethics. The centre is staffed by a group of dedicated, experienced and highly qualified people including a Clinical Psychologist, Counsellors, and Teachers. Our commitment is to provide low cost professional services to people in need, especially those with limited resources.

Our Programmes
The staff of Nuhra have spent many years developing an integral program which can encourage, enrich and expand the well being of the whole person in a supportive environment. This is reflected in the breadth and depth of the programmes offered.


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What lies ahead of the human spirit can only be reached through the slow process of living our way toward it.
Laurens Van Der Post

The Nuhra Communtiy

Southern Sudan Project
At the heart of the Nuhra Life Enrichment Centre is the Nuhra Community, a small group of committed people who live a life of voluntary simplicity and contemplation, and have been working in the human services field for over thirty years.

Foremost in the aims of Nuhra is the need to gradually expand our consciousness of the Ground and Source of all life and thus open our hearts, and learn to live lightly on the earth and in communion with all.



Latest News and Events...
Southern Sudan Project

Southern Sudan ProjectNuhra has taken up a new project on behalf of our Southern Sudanese friends here in Perth - the building of a primary school in the village of Sindiru. For all of us who have been inspired by Andrew Harvey’s Sacred Activist vision – this is a chance to join a Network of Grace.



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